About us

Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. is a New York real estate law firm whose mission is to serve the mortgage banking industry. Each member of our staff of seasoned professionals maintain the single minded focus of providing unparalleled service to mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers while handling closings throughout New York State. We specialize in assisting those mortgage professionals who close loans in New York, but are located outside of the New York Area.

Understanding the needs of lenders and their clients is essential to a successful mortgage closing, be it a straight refinance, consolidation, construction loan or the purchase of an existing or newly constructed home, condo or coop. We are always available to provide assistance and guidance in dealing with New York’s complicated mortgage related procedures such as CEMs and assignments.

Seth I. Ben-Ezra, P.C. funds approximately $400,000,000 in loans each year on behalf of our lenders. Each loan closing presents an opportunity to provide a lender, mortgage broker and a borrower with service beyond what can reasonably be expected. In addition, each closing provides our law firm with the opportunity to highlight the hard work our clients have put into the borrowers’ file. Our closing coordinators handle their files from beginning to end to ensure that all titles are reviewed, conditions are cleared and that all parties are continually kept abreast of items needed to move the file to closing.

Once the file is clear to close, unlike any other firm we know of, our simple rule for scheduling is: “Yes, any time, any where”. We are never the reason a loan can not be scheduled!!!

After closing your loan, you will receive a call to let you know that the loan closed. Our closers immediately close out, scan and ship the file to the lender or investor in perfect form in order to ensure timely funding. Also of critical import is our willingness and ability to resolve post closing issues. While we strive to have a perfect post closing record, we understand that when a post closing issue arises, all attention and effort must be placed on immediately resolving the issue.

We genuinely look forward to the opportunity to provide you with our unique brand of Service Beyond Expectation.